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Slow Cooked Deep Groat Pie

So having your mum and dad travel up to stay over for New Years Eve is, of course, fantastic; not least because I get to have some fabulous home cooked food.

This year was especially good with my mum's slow cooked Deep Groat Meat and Potato Pie.

Taste is out of this world.

I've put the general idea here, but the quantities etc will need to be adapted for your own tastes and size of slow cooker etc.


2 bottles of John o'Groats Brewery Deep Groat Stout, one for cooking and one to drink while cooking.

750g cubed beef skirt or stewing steak

750g potatoes

2 Onions

Beef Stock Cubes

Short Crust Pastry

Brown Sauce



Fry the onions in a little oil and put in your slow cooker together with the meat. Cover with a whole bottle of Deep Groat, then top up with water if needed to ensure the meat is covered. Add loads of pepper. Put on "Low" ideally overnight (around 12 hours).

Next day, peel and roughly chop the tatties into small chunks, then boil for 10 minutes so par boiled. Add to the slow cooker with 4 stock cubes and a squirt of brown sauce.

Leave on "low" for around another 8 hours cooking.

Pre-heat the oven to the pastry instructions recommendations. Remove excess juice from slow cooker to make your gravy with, and transfer the meat to a pie dish.

Cover the dish with your pastry (while the meat is hot), and put in the oven and cook till the pastry is golden. Brush the joins of the pie dish with milk to ensure the pastry sticks.

Serve with mushy peas and red cabbage..........epic!.

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